Fanning the flames






Yes, I miss to be touched

You say, as do I.

Hands folding in each other.

It is not my doing

The fire that wakes our bodies

And our mind, our fingertips, our eyes

That look so deep into the other,

All of us comes alive.

It’s the electricity of our closeness,

That is magical and wild,

And sacred too,

That makes me reach for forbidden places

Just teasing, playing along a new game

So close to insanity we bring ourselves.

About to forget the rules we must abide.

They seem so far away,

From this timeless melting into,

Your soft touch while I search for words

Your angelic eyes, that sassy smile,

You want to evoke in me,

The passion of Dionysus,

To be intoxicated only by,

The fragrant of it.


We don’t know what happened

On that endless evening.

Like a dream we played

The fire as our child,

Born from wells deep inside,

We thirsted for it, and cannot help

But remind ourselves of the magic,

When my warm breath touched

Your ear, a sigh, a moan,

A dangerous zone, almost

Too far.

I retain and come back,

To dance once more.

My eyes closed this time.

We just cannot stop I say

To feel as sensual as fire.

To feel so desired,

To find love

At play.


Like a flower you opened

Allowing me to catch the scent

Of majestic nectar, waiting

Waiting to be found.


Recalling all the vividness

Or our endless night

I remain a lovesick poet

Reliving the memories again

And again.

Soundless whispers from you

Still hang in the air

Almost tangible is the love

We witnessed in each other.







4 mei 2022