Fiery Treasure

She comes closer.


Close enough for me

to catch her scent …


as my heart caught Fire

My mind feared…

the Path that Destiny opened,

Seducing me to give up control,

Because the mind was never meant to rule

But to   f  l  o  a  t   in an infinite open sea

And learn what is meant by the Brave Leap into Destiny’s unfolding,
(because how can you be brave when you control everything, when you know everything?)

To feel the awe of an open ended future

To not seek closure but to see fear, as a fiery gateway to life.


Mind is terrified by the fullness of life,

of the psychedelic depths of falling into you

To be brave is to

Walk through the fear

With a heart on fire

Into the darkness

Where the greatest treasures are,

Where the greatest,

Dragons are.





4 mei 2022