Playful passion






Butterfly kisses find their way

To the lucky ones, today

It’s me.

A beautiful blond is sitting on my lap

Only 3 months ago our hearts met

The playful fire still burns, bright

As our eyes when they meet.

We’re in love and sensual as satin.

So soft our lips touch, barely,

Intensely exploring each other’s


‘Having fun’ we call this.


Astonished I behold this woman

Blessed with her soft touch

Her gentleness and radiant spirit,

And the sassy way she wakes

The roaring untamed bull inside of me,

Beneath many layers of sophistication.

There’s a raw masculine force in the depths

Of my prehistoric nature,

That wants to take her, conquer her,

Own her,

Fuck her,

Have it’s way with her.


She is playing a 2-million years old instrument that is my body,

With her hands, her glances and the way she fires

A seductive arrow with her voice.

Who takes who? You might ask,

When this virtuoso play evokes fiery pleasure in her own body,

And a growing

Growing desire,

To be



‘Having fun’ we call this.

The beauty and the bull

Dancing around the ecstatic fire.


She feels safe to explore this field of experience.

She sits on top of me when I say, ‘Oh yes, Natasha yes..’

Natasha is not her name, and she reacts…

With laughter full of surprise.

I knew this would add a new color to private space.


Natasha is an imagined character we created to act out scenes of infidelity and instinctive stupidity and anger. She hit me in the face once, in public, after I confessed to her that I had only slept twice with redhead Natasha.. because she’s so hot, and I’m only a man. And I promised her I would be forever faithful when she would also dye her hair red. She happily agreed, feeling she had won. I did have to make up to her by buying her an expensive ring.


We laughed so much after that. She actually hit me in the face and gave me an angry look that I had never seen before. This is how we love to play. Innocent and open like children.


I have never felt so free with anyone.


After wiping our tears from laughter,

We bring our bodies as close as we can

And hug, holding one another,

In utter compassionate warmth and safety

Until it starts again

With butterfly kisses.








4 mei 2022