The Artist Is Coming






I am preparing the way.

Nobody knows the ethereal being

That guides itself into existence

There is so much coming

Through this narrow moment in time,

Through this still narrow mind of mine

The Artist is coming.


I close my eyes in silent reverence,

Calling the great spirits of the future

Inviting the great spirits to participate

In the creation of a human vessel

That can hold the wisdom of the spirits,

And their strength, and their visions.

Guide me with your wisdom,

And let us be full of future.

The Artist is coming.


My earthbound brothers and I

Are facing fearful odds,

Our time is done,

When our minds are closed off

To the Eros of the future.

Future is in the imagination,

And the free roaming mind,

And the open-heartedness

And the intuitive inner vision,

And the healing of the mind-womb

In which the spirits of the future

are born into this world.

The Artist is coming.


I am prepare the way, and know

That I’m not alone.

The spirits are with me.

Full of promise, I can almost see

their smiling faces.


The Artist is coming.






13 mei 2022