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A month after ‘the spark’ between me and my new love (for valentine’s day) I created this visual to express my in-loveness. It was 2 weeks earlier that I had written the poem that is incorporated into the visual, named ‘A promise finds it fulfillment’. You can read it at the bottom of this page.

When the idea came to me to create this, I immediately knew I wanted to have red on dark blue, because of the intensity of the colors. This comes very close to the intensity I felt then.

In the background there’s a text I wrote a month before ’the spark’ about intimate relationships and the (transcendent) promise that attracts me towards it. I called it a kind of holy communion, when people can get so close to one another and overcome all the challenges involved in doing so. I read it to her. She resonated with it, loved it, so I found it fitting for the visual.

You can read the full text (in Dutch): Heilige communie.




To be touched in the heart

So gentle does the warmth

Expand into my chest

And mind, filled with

Gestures of devotion,

To our intimate flame.

To this sweet invasion

I just cannot defend.


Can this be it?

The ending of an era

Of solitary travels

Into oceans of the mystery?

Can this be the initiation

Into many splendid wines

That angels drink

To fly?

Can two hearts be

As one?


I have looked so deep,

And seen and known

That this play of hearts

Has a source beyond this plane

And will not fail by time

To nourish our triumphant paths

To conquer all that weighs

Down on our sweet hearts.

Let this be a pillar on which

To build a world anew,

With you as a lovebound queen

Everlasting at my side.


To you I declare

My undying love.





11 mei 2022


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